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 Pavel Acosta says, “stealing is the core of my work”. In Cuba to compensate for low salaries and scarcities smuggling from the state resources the black market becomes a method of survival in a dictatorship. Acosta stole dry paint from the crumbling city walls to make collages or perhaps ones might say mosaics that become ghost paintings from iconic paintings, in order to survive as an artist where paint supplies were NOT available to him-he may be the first recycler of paint.

In Fact it is the first layer of white paint on the sheetrock that is first peeled off before Acosta makes his ghostly paintings. There is a QR code next to each of the paintings which allows the viewer to access the webpage of the museums that house the original works in their collection. The ghost painting finds its way back to its bodies through this cutting-edge technology. We see the master painting and we are no longer seduce by its color or light and in the deconstructed works, Acosta teaches us, why these are master paintings and continues to shed light into the master painting.

“Artist have to survive and find such challenges every day because of their passion to mark make”. His works are detailed copies of masterpieces and often the artist has researched the frame thou often the frame no longer exists. Acosta’s work can be installed flush with the wall or mounted to the wall in a contemporary frame.